Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: The Clockwork Princess &The Rising

So there are a lot of books coming out I'm excited for, and a few have trailers.  Now, a lot of these don't turn out very well.  They're overly cheesy or simplistic or fail to capture the essence of the book.  Then there are some really great ones out there that you sort of wish they would just turn into a movie they did such a good job.  At the very least, these trailers make me excited for the book.  Here are a few trailers for books I can't wait to read.

#1. The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

#2. The Rising by Kelly Armstrong

I'm so excited for both of these books and the trailers make it even worse.  Of course neither is exactly how I imagine things, but I think they both did a really good job with what they had.  The Clockwork Princess comes out next week, on the 19th and The Rising comes out two weeks later, on April 2nd!

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