Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anticipating February

Okay, so I'll totally admit that January was a total fail for me as a blogger, which is really sad since I was going to make a new years resolution about it.  Still, new month, new resolution.  Plus, I have so many fantastic books from January that I still need to review, plus the amazing books coming out this month, that February is looking to be a great month.

Now, here are the upcoming books I'm particularly excited for.  There are tons more coming out, of course, but these are the ones that look especially intriguing.

           4th:  Cress – Melissa Meyer

        Fates – Lanie Bross

         Elevated – ElanaJohnson

            25th: Season of Wonder – Lisa T. Bergren
                    Killer Frost – Jennifer Estep
                    Unforgotten – Jessica Brody
                    The Shadow Throne – Jennifer A. Nielsen

                    The Well’s End – Seth Fishman

And there we go!  You can see why I'm so excited for this month.  It used to be that February was sort of a bad month for me book-wise, but clearly that is no longer the case.  So many amazing books, and a bunch more coming out that didn't even make this list (feel free to let me know if I didn't include one that is going to be absolutely amazing). All in all, I think February is going to be great.

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