Thursday, December 13, 2012

Theater Thursday: The Hobbit Part II

The Hobbit is coming! The Hobbit is coming!

Yes, I already have my tickets, and now I'm counting down the hours until it begins. I don't have much more to add, really.  I'm just so, so, so excited, while still trying to keep my expectations down so I'm not dissapointed.  Anyway, I hope you are all going to see it soon (read: tomorrow).  Below I've included a few clips to hopefully get you as excited as I am.

There are actually 10 clips (I think) over at, if you're interested.  I haven't watched them all.  I'm waiting for the movie. I loved the book, but it's much lighter than the Lord of the Rings.  I'm interested in seeing how they handle the adaption.  So there you go.  Now anyone who doesn't have tickets to this movie needs to rush out and buy them asap! 

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