Sunday, June 1, 2014

Anticipating June

I'll be honest, June is a pretty pathetic month for book releases. Sure there are some great ones here, but the quantity is way down from other months.  I shouldn't complain.  I mean, it's summer, so people should be spending time outside, swimming, and going on vacation.  Plus, I still have tons of books from previous months to catch up on.  Still, I think this is probably the worst month of the year after December, and after the amazingness that is May, it's kind of a small sad list.  Still, there are a few books I'm really looking forward to here, so check them out.

             1st: Tiger’s Promise (novella) – Coleen Houck

            10th: Born of Deception – Teri Brown
                     Hexed – Michelle Krys

            12th: Wings – Elizabeth Richards

            17thRuin and Rising – Leah Bardugo
                     #Scandal – Sarah Ockler

            24th: Rain – Amanda Sun
                    The Stepsister’s Tale – Tracy Barrett

Isn't that sad?  Oh well.  July is looking better, and like I said, there are so many other books out there.

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