Sunday, December 8, 2013

Anticipating December

Okay, so with the holidays I've been a bit of a slacker on my blog.  It's not that I'm not reading, because I am.  It's just that I rarely post about what I've read recently because my life has been a little crazy.  Still, it's no excuse.  I did notice, however, I didn't even do my Anticipating December yet, which is pretty unforgivable.

Granted, December is sort of the month where publishing decides to take a break---probably because they want their darling books out before the infamous Black Friday so that they're available to those really organized people who are done shopping by December 1st.  Still, there are a few (and I do mean a very few) books coming out this month I'm pretty excited for.  Don't judge my poor list.  It's not the book's fault that the publishers have decided to abandon December to Oscar contending movies and christmas specials on the Hallmark Channel.  Anyway, here's my very short list, but at least there are a few books on it I'm still super excited to read.

             3rdForged (novella) – Jennifer Rush

            10th: These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman

            17thFireblood – Trisha Wolfe
                    Fracture Me (novella) – Tahereh Mafi

            23rd: Echo in Time – C.J. Hill

            31st: Taste of Darkness – Maria V. Snyder
                    TheOffering – Kimberly Derting

                   The Promise of Amazing – Robin Constantine

Well, there you go.  I hope there's something you find interesting, and if I missed anything really amazing drop me a note.  I know there are more books coming out this month, but, again, these are the ones I'm interested in.  Still, feel free to enlighten me. Goodness knows, I always read a book or two a month that I didn't anticipate reading because of great reviews or stellar recommendations.

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