Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theater Thursday: Romeo and Juliet

If any Shakespeare play can be claimed by young adults, Romeo and Juliet would be it.

Personally, I read it in eighth grade, and if you graduated high school without having to read it at one point, I'd be surprised.  There's something about the love story and the tragedy of it all that seems tailor-made for young adults. Now this story's been done over and over. If you go on IMDB there's one from 1936, 1954, 1955, 1968, 1996, and now 2013. That's not even counting retellings, such as West Side Story or Gnomeo and Juliet and others, which add their own special twist.  Still, there's part of me that's excited to see how this version plays out. I don't know if it will be any different from the 1968 version I watched in high school, but it will be fun to see how the actors interpret those oh so famous phrases.

Anyway, it's currently scheduled to come out 25 Oct. 2013, and I'm kind of excited.  October tends to be a slower month for movies, so I'll probably check it out.  All in all it looks like an excellent adaptation, and they have some excellent actors.  Check out the new trailer and tell me what you think.

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