Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: A Witch Alone

Where do you go when your heart has been ripped out?

For Anna there is only one answer; into her past, where the truth about her mother, her power, and her real identity lie hidden.

But as Anna delves deeper into her history, she begins to fear that the truth about what set her mother running may be darker than she ever suspected. With the witches of the world on the brink of war, Seth gone, and her friend Abe wanting more from her than she can possibly give, Anna is in crisis.
As the clouds around her gather, Anna is torn between friends, family and rival tribes of witches and – at the last – between love and magic. Quoted from Goodreads


So another trilogy comes to a close. This has been a fun little series, and I'm kind of sad to see it end.  Still, all good things . . .

What I probably enjoyed most was how very British his book is.  Yes, a good chunk of it takes place in Russia, but they didn't bother to change British terms for American ones like they did in Harry Potter, and I think it served the story better that way.  It isn't as if we can't all figure out what a jumper is.

Plus, the action was revved up a notch in this last installment   The first book dealt more with the problems of casting a love spell and the fall out therefrom.  This one is more focused on the search for Anna's mother and the attack on the Ealdwitan.  Anna's world is falling apart, and she is desperate to find some way of putting her life back together and solving the mysteries of her past.  This leads to Russia, crazy witch covens, random attacks, river demons, spies, sacrifice, and deaths, all of which combine together for a great story.

Then there's the romance aspect of the book. Despite it's title, Anna really isn't ever alone.  Yes, Seth is gone for the first part of the story, but Abe is more than happy to try and pick up the pieces.  I suppose you could label Anna's relationship with the two boys as a love triangle, but it never felt that way to me.   I won't give away what happens in the end, but I thought it pretty consistent for the series, and I like the way everything was resolved.

This book is a fun 3.5 stars for me.  It was an excellent ending and a must read for anyone who read the first two books.  If you haven't, don't dismiss this  because it sounds a bit cliche.  It's a fun, delightful series, full of hard choices, crazy attacks, and sacrifice, all of which get bigger and better as the series progress.  

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