Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'll be honest, I haven't really read many books about Thanksgiving.  Of course there are the children's books, which are fun, but it would be beyond Flashback Friday for me to really remember any of those.   So I decided to do a list of literary things I am thankful for right now.

6: Masquerade by Janette Rallison - So I know she was revamping an old book and was planning on releasing it, but I hadn't heard any dates or anything. Then, magically, it appeared on amazon a few days ago!  I haven't started reading it yet, because I'm currently reading the Seven Realms series by Cinda Chima Williams, but I'm super excited to start this one. I always love her books.

5: I don't live in the world of the Hunger Games - I've read a lot of dystopia books this year, and I'm pretty glad I don't live in any of those worlds.  Sometimes I look at world problems and get depressed or frustrated at the world we live in, and then my beautiful dystopia books paint a world that is so much worse, and I don't feel as bad.

4: Calvin and Hobbs - I love these books.  They aren't really the typical YA books I tend to cover on this blog, but I've probably read each of them at least 10 times.  They make me laugh, yet are incredibly insightful.  They are timeless. It doesn't matter that half of them were written in the eighties before DVDs let alone Blu-ray or cell phones.  These are amazing

3: So many young adult books are being made into movies - A love this trend, Hollywood's search for the next Harry Potter or Twilight.  I don't always love the movies that are made.  Some adaptions (like Ella Enchanted) are so horrible they make me cringe just to watch them.  But some are amazing (like Hunger Games).  Plus it generates interest in the source material, so more people start reading, which I thing is excellent.

2: I have less than two months before Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson's A Memory of Light comes out - I have been reading this series since I was fourteen.  I've grown up with it.  It's lasted beyond the Harry Potter Craze and midnight release parties. It is absolutely fabulous, and while I'm sort of sad it's ending, I'm also incredibly excited to find out how everything ends.

1. My Kindle - I know that a lot of people don't like them.  They love the smell of books, like the physical weight in their hands, the ability to dog-ear pages, etc.  I agree, to an extent.  I love books. I will always love books.  I love lining them up on my shelves, gazing at beautiful covers, and completing a series.  But. I love having my entire library in my hand.  I love that my kindle always knows right where I am, and sunlight doesn't bother the screen. I love all the bargains they offer online, and that I can get any book I want whenever I want it.  I don't have to wait until midnight at a bookstore, hoping they won't sell out, or going to the store, only to be told it's out of stock. I love how light everything is, and no one can judge the book you're reading.  Basically, I just love my kindle.

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  1. Good review! I love all of those things too (except I am a Nook lover:). I can't wait for Memory of Light! And Calvin and Hobbes . . . well, since I LIVE with Calvin, how can I not love him?