Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Anticipating November

I only started keeping track of book release dates last year, but there are a few trends I've noticed.  September, October and January always have tons of exciting books. November starts out with a few amazing books, but the quantity goes down, and July and Dec. have the fewest book releases I'm anticipating. It's holding true again this year. If you compare November's list to October's, you may notice there are are fewer titles. Still, there are some excellent ones coming out.

November 2012:

                   Flame of Sevenwaters – Juliette Marillier

            13th: Reached – Ally Condie
                    Black City – Elizabeth Walters
                    Ashes of Twilight – Kassy Tayler
                    Meant to Be – Lauren Morrill

              21st: Elemental – Anthony John

See, not quite as many.  Still, there are some books I've been waiting for forever. First, of course, is Reached.  I loved, loved, loved Matched.  Crossed suffered a lot from middle book syndrome, but I think Reached will redeem it and more.  Next, I'm always a fan of Juliet Marillier.  I've never read anything of hers that equals Wildwood Dancing, but I'll give any of her books a try.  They are always beautifully written. Of course, Days of Blood and Starlight will be amazing.  Then there are a few other books that just look interesting, and I'm sure there are even more I've overlooked.  November may not have the quantity of October, but it still has the quality and some books I'm absolutely dying to read.

Well, that's my list (and I'm still working on October, I'll be honest).  If I missed anything amazing let me know. I know there are tons of other great books coming out.  These are just the one's I've picked out to read right now.  Who knows what else I'll add.

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  1. I can't wait for Reached! I really loved the first two books! Hope the third is just as good!