Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anticipating October

This is probably one of the best month for books in the entire year--slow for movies, but great for books.  For as long as I've been tracking it (okay, only two years, but there is a trend here), October has been full of stories I can't wait to read, so here's my list if you're interested.  Again, I haven't read any of these, and a lot of them just look good from the description.  These are just books I'm interested in.  Who knows how many of them I'll actually get to, but I'm hoping a lot. They look amazing.

 2nd:  Mark of Athena – Rick Riordan

          Whispers at Moonrise – C.C. Hunter
           Poison Princess – Kresley Cole
           Ironskin – Tina Connolly
           Eve and Adam – Michael Grant
           Promised – Caragh M. O’Brien
           Son – Lois Lowry

  9th:  The Unfailing Light (Katerina Vol. II) – Robin Bridges
          The Fire Chronicle  – John Stephens
          Mystic City – Theo Lawrence
          Valkyrie Rising – Ingrid Paulson


16th:  The Shadow Society - Marie Rutkoski
          Crewel - Gennifer Albin
  23rd:  The Crimson Crown – Cinda Williams Chima
           Beautiful Redemption – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
           Finale (Hush Hush #4) – Becca Fitzpatrick
           The Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin
           The Lost Prince – Julia Kagawa

 30th: Rebel Heart (Dustlands) – Moira Young
           Sapphire Blue – Kerstin Gier
           Ruins – Orson Scott Card
           Venom – Fiona Paul

Now aren't you all as excited as I am? I admit, the 16th is a bit thin compared to the rest, but still! I realize that there are tons of other books coming out this month, but these are the ones I'm looking forward to. If I forgot any that are absolutely amazing, let me know. As it is, it's going to be tough choosing what to read this month.  


  1. Wow that is quite the list. Are you going to review mark of Athena soon...cause I need to know if i should read it

    1. I'm in the middle of it right now, but yeah, you should absolutley read it. I'm loving it it so far.

  2. AAAAuuuuggghhh!!! I have waited for Cinda William's final book of the series to come out! I have also waited for the Saphire Blue. I LOVE October! Let me know what books I can borrow:)

  3. Holy poop. That's a tone of books. And the best part is, you'll probably have them all read by the end by Thanksgiving so that I can know which books to read on the 22 hour drive to Texas. Score.