Monday, October 1, 2012

A Horse of a Different Color

Most of you regular readers and followers probably know that I hold the self-proclaimed title of "Biggest Fan" of Rachel's Reads.  I love this blog and pretty much use it as the go-to source whenever I need a book.
The only time this has not proven to be a total plus is when I am trying to figure out what book I should review!  It's that it is hard for me to find one that Rachel hasn't already talked about, so this week I needed to get creative and think outside the box.
I realized (after a few days of passive mulling) that there are some things I read that do not come from this blog. . . they are other blogs.  So for the next few weeks, I will be highlighting a few of my blog favorites:

Simply So Good
"Creating Food that Goes Beyond 'Funeral Potatoes'"

(I wanted to insert a really yummy picture here of Janet's work, but my computer is acting funky.  Sorry, just imagine a mouth-watering dish:)

I stumbled upon this yummy blog (pun intended) a few years back, when author Janet had less than 100 followers.  She now has upwards of 1,000 devoted followers, which comes as absolutely no surprise to me.  I know that food blogs are a dime a dozen these days, so here are 4 reasons why you should check this one out:

1.  It has really good food.  Janet is a self-proclaimed "food snob", and so is very picky about what she chooses.  Most of her recipes call for high-end ingredients which not only make the dishes taste so so good, but make you feel very chic and sophisticated when making them (or even reading them!)

2.  Janet includes step-by-step instructions for all her recipes, whether they are easy or hard, and those instructions include a picture!  So, if you are like me, and are sometimes intimidated by a new recipe, you can relax, because you know that if you can read and if you can see, you will not mess up.  Take it from someone who regularly burns food or makes mistakes - Janet is foolproof.

3.  "Simply So Good" has a wide variety of foods, from the decadent desserts to the super health-food, and everything in between.  I like that you get a sprinkling of everything.

4.  Janet is funny.  Her wry humor comes out in almost every word she writes.  Having met her in person, I can say that she definitely comes across in writing as she does in person, and it makes reading her blog like catching up with an old (and clever) friend.

So there you have it folks.  Take a gander at "Simply So Good" and give one or more recipes a try.  You won't be sorry!

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