Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trailer Tuesday: The Giver

Finally we get a trailer!  I have been waiting for this movie, literally, since I first read the book as a kid.  I knew exactly how I would do it, from the black and white beginning, scoreless beginning, to the flashes of color and music, and finally the nail-biting escape in the end.  The book was screaming to be made into a movie, and finally they have.  Unfortunatley---and check out the trailer below to see if you agree with me---I am not overwhelmed.  Honestly, it looks okay, but like it's trying to be an entirely different dystopia book all together.  I'm hoping they'll put out a second trailer soon that restores my faith in the movie.  I mean, it has some amazing actors---Meryl Streep? Anyone? In fact, everyone looks talented and well cast. Maybe it's just because I love the book so much and this adaption isn't anything like I imagined.  I don't know.  Will I still see it?  Of course, because I'm desperately hoping it will succeed. Still, based on this trailer, I'm not convinced. I'm so not convinced, that though the trailer came out the same week as the Maze Runner, I decided to review/share that trailer first because that one made me excited.  This one? Not so much.  So check it out and see if you agree with me. Maybe it's everything you were hoping for.  It just doesn't seem half as good as I wanted it to be.

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  1. Agreed! Though the Giver was a better book in my opinion, I think the Maze Runner may turn out to be a better movie! I didn't see any black and white in the Giver trailer either making me wonder how that piece of the book is going to be interpreted.